Board of Directors

Michael Schapiro began working in Haiti in 2001 when he dedicated two years living in the Northeast town of Ferye.  He has worked extensively in community based projects in agriculture, education and health.  He has maintained a close relationship with his Haitian community, helping to form a local organization to manage the building and integration of aid projects funded by the Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation.  Michael has also worked within his own community in the United States.  In 2003, he designed a PowerPoint presentation on his Haiti experience that helps with current funding.  Through presentations and fundraisers at schools and events  in Eugene, Oregon he has built a foundation of support for the ongoing projects in Haiti.  Seeing the importance of Board structure and leadership, Michael is pursuing a career in accounting.  His goals are to make available accounting services to less advantaged communities in urban areas of the United States as well as provide a strong sense of accountability and support for the Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation’s Board of Directors.  

Kathy McAllister came to work with the Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation after serving from 2002-2005 with the Peace Corps in Haiti. It was with the devotion of her fellow volunteers that the Board of HSDF and its projects began to take shape.  As a small business volunteer she focused on community development and administration training. Her 15 years of experience working with a wide range of businesses and non-profit organizations has led to her to wanting to make a difference. She has been a consultant to Blue Earth Alliance and Bridges to Understanding, both non-profit organizations utilizing the arts to raise awareness on issues of social justice and compassion. She interprets/translates for Haitians with the NW Immigrants Rights Project, local court system and immigration.  Kathy graduated from the University of Washington with a BA with honors in Visual Art. She resides in Seattle and travels to Haiti annually to work on local community development projects.

Board Member

Ira Frydman has a B.A. in Environmental Policy from the University of Kansas, and a M.S. in International Agricultural Development for the University of California, Davis.  He currently works with CAFF as a Biological Farming Program Coordinator with a primary focus on the Colusa Almond Growers Project that hopes to decrease pesticide and sedimentation runoff to the Colusa Basin Drain via the implementation of BMP’s on orchards in Colusa County.  Ira began his formal studies in agriculture at UC Davis where he worked on biological-agricultural engineering of food waste for the production of usable energy. He also worked with subsistence farmers in Haiti during a two-year term with the Peace Corps.
Board Member
Luna Lacey has been an ongoing advocate for livability and sustainability in Haiti. She has traveled to Haiti twice since 2002, building strong friendships and solidarity with Haitian families. Luna has worked to raise awareness of and fundraise for the advancement of Haitian communities.  As a Ford Family Scholarship Recipient working towards a degree in Economics, Luna hopes to share her passion for education with students in Haiti. Through fair and educated leadership, she believes communities can work towards solutions that circumvent corruption and poverty; and grow accountability and human rights.


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