Permaculture and School Program

Board member, Michael Schapiro has been working in the town of Ferrier for the past 5 years and has been able to develop a small permaculture plot in the town. The project has been continually maintained by local organizations and is used as demonstration plot. The trees will take 15 years to come to maturity, but, the process of developing the site has been a great resource in teaching locals about the environment and concepts of sustainability

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Commmunity Center and Library

In Ferrier, and in most parts of Haiti, access to reading materials other than school books (curriculum…outdated) are rare, and in most cases, nonexistent. In addition, books in their native language are also very hard to come by. Libraries are an essential building block for independent thought and reason as well as an essential tool for continued education.
We are working to raise funds for a portable library that will be used as an education tool for the supporting organization AAED as a building ground for the potential community library. The portable library consisting of over 200 Haitian Creole educational and folktale books will be both an educational tool for the students and participating community as well as a community organizational management tool.
Many families often have to choose between feeding their families and sending their children to school. Among our other projects we are currently sending 30 children to school and believe that a library would enhance the whole communities chance to have access to learning. 
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School Project

HSDF, along with OJD, are currently working to develop a school assistance program for children who have no possibility to attend school. OJD has set up a writing contest with local children with topics like the importance of the environment, specifically trees, as well as AIDS and other health issues for young adults. Close to 70% of Haiti is considered illiterate, mainly due to the lack of government educational aid, and the missed opportunity for children to attend school. Education is key in creating a populace that is aware of their potential and that is empowered enough to realize ideas and form the seeds of change.

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Moringa oleifera is known as a miracle tree by international aid groups across the world. The tree suprislingly has more beneficial uses to Humans than most other plant species. Ryan McCrory initiated a Moringa project with the local community organization OJD while stationed in La Madeleine with Peace Corps. Thousands of trees were planted and a Moringa powder business was initiated.

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We are working to develop a program with local cooperative groups in La Madeleine that will produce bio-diesel with recycled vegetable oil. Haitians fry most of their foods and throw away the left over oil wastes. With this project we will be able to conserve the waste products and produce fuel. The revenue made from this project will support further sustainable development projects in the zone.

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Project "Hope For Haiti"

"Hope for Haiti" is a multimedia presentation, addressing issues of poverty and injustice. The project was created to educate schools, organizations, and the public in the United States about Haitian culture and the impoverished world. While providing an eclectic form of entertainment, "Hope for Haiti" has built a foundation of support.

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