In the rural area outside of Okay is the region of the Bay of Flaman. The area was hard hit by hurricane Mathew and is still in the recovery process. Nafaf is a community development project started by its members to clean up and rebuild. We have been partnering with them since September of 2016. This natural area located in the hills above the ocean is a wild sanctuary with many species of bird and butterfly not seen in other parts of the island. The goal of Nafaf is to protect the environment while advancing opportunities for its community members. Learn more here.


Haitian Connection

The Haitian Connection – Koneksyon Ayiti has been established as a compassionate response to the poverty that so many Haitians face. They are committed to the creative energy and inherent worth of each individual. They foster self help and grassroots development by building shelter for the most vulnerable in society – women and children, by promoting mental health and by strengthening the educational infrastructure. We are partnering with the Haitian Connection to build houses for women and their children in Jacmel providing a safe and stable home for those who lost everything in the earthquake. 

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Kolaj – Kolektif Atis Jakmel

KOLAJ is an artist envisioned and led movement founded in 2010 as a proactive solution for Jacmel, Haiti’s art community which was devastated by earthquake. Committed to not just providing short-term aid but working together to develop a structure and art center that provides continued opportunities for artists trhough a thriving art community contributing to the local economy and culture. Art has the power to heal and as artists we can inspire and engage our community through our work. We are partnering to bring exposure to the artists of Jacmel producing exhibits that raise awareness about Haitian culture and raise funds that go to supporting artists and their families. 



PAZAPA’s mission is to support the treatment, education, and development of children with disabilities, and to integrate them into the community at large. PAZAPA means "step by step" in Haitian Creole, and step by step PAZAPA has been making a difference in the lives of Haiti’s disabled children since 1987. This was the first project that Program Director, Kathy McAllister worked with in Haiti from 2002-2005 and we are proud to still partner with Pazapa, currently bringing dental health and education to the children and their families.

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Haiti Response Coalition

The Haiti Response Coalition began to form only minutes after the news of the earthquake began to spread across the globe. As we desperately tried to reach those in Haiti, we began to plan a rapid response to the crisis. Those of us who had been working in Haiti for years knew instinctively that we had to band together, pooling our resources, our networks, our contacts, our energies and our creativity. Even as our lives became tèt anba (upside down) and the days and nights began to run together, we relentlessly sought to help our Haitian friends, driven by adrenalin and our love for this beleaguered country and its people.