Why Haiti?

It is the people of Haiti that have kept us attached to the island of Hispaniola, with their character that reflects their colorful culture abounding with tradition, ceremony and communal unity.

OUR story

Our organization was formed in 2013 by fellow Peace Corps Haiti volunteers that were driven to continue their projects in their communities. 

Michael Schapiro worked in the northern town of Ferye and for over a decade has worked with local leaders on projects for education and the environment.

Kathy McAllister worked in Jacmel with local artists creating exhibits and cultural exchange events.

After the devastating earthquake in 2010 our organization grew in terms of support and programs as we were part of a Haitian coalition involved in disaster response and rebuilding efforts. 

The challenges facing Haitians is intricately intertwined with their troubled history. To learn more about that check out this brief history